First Week Back- September 2019

We have finally got all of the children into our lovely new building and I would like to say a big thank you to all parents/ carers for bearing with us whilst we try and develop the best systems possible for our children in order to ensure their safeguarding. We recognise that the access to school is now very narrow and we have invited the council to visit us on Friday to see the difficulties that you have, mainly at the end of the day, and to see if the council can offer any suggestions to alleviate this. We would welcome any feedback to the council on this day. In the meantime, may we request that all parents stay on the left hand side of the paths in order to help with congestion. May we also request that you do not drop litter and only walk on the paths and not on the grassed areas in order to avoid damaging the newly seeded areas. Clubs are also due to begin this week and parents are requested to collect children from the main playground, which will be opened at 4:30pm to allow you to collect your children from clubs in a safer and more organised way. In a morning, the gates are opened at 8:30am to allow parents to access the playground. However, please may we remind you that there will be NO staff on duty until 8:45am and children should not be left unattended on our playground. At 8:45am, staff will be on duty to receive your children through their designated door and parents are welcome to pass on any important messages to the member of staff on duty at the designated area. Please may request that parents respect the zoned areas at the end of the day in order to ensure that children are dismissed safely and as promptly as possible. By spreading out further, it is easier for staff to identify children. Please be patient with us as we may not always see you because we are looking at so many faces all at once! We will always aim to dismiss the children as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a school, we ask that parents treat each other and members of staff with respect. If there are significant concerns, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance, as they know your child well. However, please may we request that you wait until all children have been dismissed from the class and do not walk across the zoned areas. Once again, we would like to say a big thank you to all parents for helping us to ‘settle in’ to our lovey, new building and we are all learning the new systems together! Mrs Scott Headteacher