Half Term Closure

It was lovely to speak to you all earlier in the week as we tried to find out your intentions as parents/ carers and we would like to thank you for all of the supportive comments you have given us during this very turbulent time. Whilst it is currently our intention to open for identified pupils after half term, please be assured that no parent will be penalised if they have chosen not to send their child to school at the moment and we fully support and understand any individual decision made by you all. Your responses have helped us begin to shape our plans for after half term. However, as I am sure you are all aware, there is still much debate regarding the safe opening of schools and we are still awaiting clarity from the Government, the unions and the Local Authority. We have therefore decided to wait until next week before we send out our final guidance to you as we do not want to confuse the situation by keep changing our arrangements. Please be assured that we do have clear plans in place, but would like to ensure we communicate these to you as clearly and simply as we possibly can during these confusing times. However, please be assured that we will continue to support you all as we move to the next phase of the plan. In the next week, we will providing information about the school day for critical worker children and identified year groups, the setting up of ‘bubbles’, lunchtime provision, hygiene arrangements, work to be provided for those children who are not in school, the use of PPE and suggested social distancing and hygiene measures for pupils, staff and parents/carers. We can confirm, however, that it is our intention to close during half term for ALL pupils in order to facilitate a full and deep cleaning regime that will ensure the building is as safe as it can possibly be for our children to return after the half-term. May we thank you all for your support during this time and we will endeavour to finalise our plans for after half–term as early as possible next week.