Headteacher's Blog

Happy Tuesday to everyone and I hope you are all safe and well. It has been another very busy day at school- who even knew a school could be so busy with only a few pupils. However, our internet has crashed, we have had a power cut and we have suffered some vandalism to the site overnight, which is really upsetting for us to deal with as well as everything else that is happening. But we are made of stronger stuff and there has been lots of fun again today in school, with den building and an international football tournament with Mr Thompson and Mr Corns! Government advice continues to come in thick and fast (well it would be faster if our internet was working!) and they have now begun to inform us of a roll-out of a voucher scheme that you may get to hear about. However, the government have very clearly told schools that where we are able to provide school meals that we very much need to do this as our first priority. Therefore, this is what we will continue to do over the Easter holidays as early indications are that the voucher scheme cannot be used over the holidays anyway, only during term time. We think we have contacted every family who is eligible for a free school meal so that we can provide them with a weekly food parcel if required during the Easter break. However, if you believe you are eligible and have not had a call then please call us tomorrow to check this out. In addition, PLEASE can you ensure that you contact us directly by tomorrow if you require any childcare during the holidays (if you are eligible). A few parents/ carers have contacted us and we have a list of their requirements, which is not a problem at all and we are looking forward to having the children. However, can I ask that unless you have contacted us, please do not just turn up as we may not be open on that day if there are no children expected in. We are here if you need us and are eligible- we just need to know! We still are awaiting guidance on Good Friday and Easter Monday opening, but I will update you on that by the end of the week at the latest. With regards to the Easter Holiday childcare provision, there will be a rota of support staff covering each day, along with either myself, Mrs Mould, Mrs Poole or Mrs O'Sullivan as senior leaders in school. Teaching staff will be having a very much needed break and so will not be posting daily work online. However, the children certainly have lots to do already and the teachers will be providing some Easter activities online. We do ask, however, that you do not email the staff over the holidays as they will not be checking their emails. Many thanks and take care all of you xxx