Headteacher's Blog

I hope you are all managing to enjoy at least some of the sunshine and that you are all safe and well. We have welcomed back some of our Year 5 children this week and this means our school is slowly returning back to some kind of normality. We have missed our children and families lots and it has been lovely to see all the messages, photographs and videos that you have sent us during these unprecedented times. The Prime Minister announced on Tuesday that it is the Government’s intention to have all children back to school in September and this is something we are all really looking forward to. Quite how that will look, we are awaiting guidance on, but we hope things can get back to our new ‘normal’ as quickly as possible upon our return. We still have no further updates as yet regarding how the ‘Free School Meals’ vouchers will be delivered over the holiday period, but please can we ask that you all check that we have the latest email contact details for you to ensure that your vouchers are delivered correctly since there will possibly be no-one in school to support any queries you may have during August, which could possibly mean parents/ carers are left without any vouchers during the summer holiday period. Several Government departments have also announced funding for ‘catch-up’ programmes in all schools for our most disadvantaged children, but again we still await further updates regarding this. As a local authority maintained school, we also await further guidance around summer holiday activities in the city. Please may we take this opportunity to inform parents/ carers that Loxdale is unlikely to be one of the sites for summer provision. This is due to further building work that is to be completed on site, with regard to the widening of pathways etc... that was unable to be completed previously due to lockdown. We have missed you all very much and would like to try and have some kind of ‘face-to-face’ meeting with all of our children who are not currently in school before the end of term. This may be when you collect food parcels or work packs or even when you drop off any brothers and sisters. Another way for us to do this is via ‘Teams’, which is how Wolverhampton City Council staff are able communicate with each other during lockdown. It is a little bit like ‘Zoom’, although we are not allowed to use Zoom due to safeguarding concerns. We ask ALL parents/ carers if you could please download the ‘Microsoft Teams’ app onto your phone or PC or tablet this week for us. Next week, staff will call you (as part of their normal check-in calls) and we can then invite you directly to a ‘Microsoft Teams’ meeting via your email, where it will be lovely to see you and your child/ children. PLEASE make sure you answer our calls, which will ensure you don’t keep getting pestered by us (or even other agencies if we cannot make contact). Please note that we will only be having ‘Microsoft Teams’ contacts with parents/ carers of children who we have not seen at all. In the meantime, please continue to look after yourselves and stay safe. Miss you all and cannot wait to see everyone again soon.