Headteacher's Blog

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I just couldn’t resist telling you that the atmosphere in school is just magical today. I only wish you too could see the smiles on our children’s faces and the laughter that is filling every classroom- even the grumpy old Headteacher is having just a great day!

I am soooo excited to tell you that, this morning, we have had a very special delivery of an ‘Elfevator’ from the man himself! It is currently outside our Hall, ready for the weekend when the magic of the elves will happen. You see, the elves don’t have a magical sleigh like Santa, so he has had to send his very special ‘Elfevator’ to help them get onto the roof of our school to deliver his special Christmas and winter gifts to all of our boys and girls who are on his good list. I really hope I am on his good list, maybe you will be too!

I think we are all very excited to come to school on Monday to see if the elves have been- I just hope they don’t get stuck up our chimney or Mr Bowles will be cross!

As always, your children will be bringing home their usual individual Christmas or winter cards and calendars next week, but, in the true spirit of embracing technology, we will be sending our parents/ carers an e-card too, which will be sent via text message next week. Each class will send their own card, some of them are funny, some of them are really sweet- they are all very different, just like our children. We hope that you enjoy receiving them in the spirit that they are sent and that you recognise that they are somewhat different from the normal cards you receive. We just thought it would be nice to be able to have a little chuckle too during this time- I think we all need a smile or two right now.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the festive spirit is as catching for you as it is for all of us in school. I just have the best job in the world right now!

Mrs Scott