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⚽ Loxdale Football Team - Lanesfield 2 - 6 LOX ⚽

Loxdale played their second AWAY fixture of the season last night playing at Lanesfield Primary school. Following on from our 1-0 WIN against Eastfield we continued to progress as a whole team to win 6 - 2 against Lanesfield. We were a solid team who played great football, with people communicating with each other and taking chances when they arrived. We changed the formation a little from the Eastfield game as we struggled to score goals and didn't quite take our chances, but we certainly did last night!! Every single player played a big part in winning the game and never got complacent with the scoreline, with it being 2-1 at halftime, we were a little worried that they could score more as Lanesfield was a good fast-paced, skillful side to play against. The team stayed focused on individual roles and played great football. Let's keep going LOXDALE and carry on with our great team spirit!! 👏

Goal Scorers - Kasper ⚽⚽, Fabian ⚽⚽, Timmy ⚽, Charlie ⚽



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