!! 🎉Super Exciting News🎉 !!

Year 4 Rowan - our adoption package from WWF is finally here! We know that you have all been really excited about this so we are super happy that it has arrived. 

Over the past few weeks, Year 4 have been looking into a fantastic book called The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo for their Author Weeks. We have discovered that there is a link between our book and the charity called Born Free - who work tirelessly for the conservation of wildlife and endangered animals around the world. This inspired us to adopt our own animals! Groups of children in Year 4 Rowan and Spruce chose animals from the WWF page and the Born Free Foundation and created persuasive presentations to help us to decide what animals to adopt. Here is Year 4 Rowan's super sweet snow leopard and interesting information packs! 

We can't wait to talk about it in more detail at school! 😃 

Miss Jenkins, Mrs Rushton, Mrs Sheldon, Miss Higginson and Miss Davies x