Thoughts of a new Governor

Ian Lockett

December 9th 2020

When Mrs. Scott approached me earlier this year to invite me to become a Governor of the school little did I know that the year would evolve as it has done and I wouldn’t even be allowed to make a visit to the school, never mind get to know about the amazing pupils, staff and families that make up the Loxdale community. We won’t talk about my inept attempt to take part in my first Governor’s meeting via ‘Microsoft Teams’!

However with all the positivity surrounding the roll out of the vaccine, and being in the ‘older age group’!, the whole country and I can now tentatively start looking forward to a more normal 2021, and in particular I can ditch the computer andlook forward to getting into school, talking to staff and pupils without wearing a mask! I haven’t even had the chance to sample a school dinner.

Being involved in sport and PE all my life I am really looking forward to meeting, and hopefully supporting, Mr. Fleet and Mr. Johnson with their work. If things really do get nearer to normal after Easter perhaps we could even watch a school team and even enjoy the excitement of Sports Day!

So as we enter the festive season I would like to wish all the Loxdale pupils, staff and families all the best for this Christmas, remember we can see the finish line in the distance so keep safe and think of the fantastic parties and celebrations we can have next year.

Ian Lockett