Well Done!

I just wanted to say to you all as parents and carers that you are all doing an amazing job, trying to be super parents, child psychologists as well as fully qualified teachers, without any proper training too! You will all be doing slightly different things with your children, but you can’t get this ‘wrong’ as this has never happened before. Don’t stress if you are not doing enough- just do whatever you feel is the right thing for your family. The point that I am making is that you should be proud of what you are doing for your children, just as we are proud of what we are doing too. Just like us, you will worry about what you have done (or not done), you will second guess your decisions when you hear what others are doing. Do not do this to yourself. We are all doing what we believe is right and in the best interests of all of our children. I hope that the things we are sending you are helping in your understanding of what you may want to do with them at home. However, at the heart of everything right now is you and your family. You are making a difference. Look after yourselves as well as your family- we are here if you need us. I just couldn’t end this without sharing a heart-warming story that has made us all feel very humble today in school and made us realise how lucky we are to be part of the ‘Loxdale Family’. One of our moms is one of the frontline nurses- working tirelessly every day saving lives, not thinking of herself. Today, when she came to school after a very long night-shift, she brought us all a lovely breakfast to say ‘thank you ‘for what we are doing in school. We are doing what we can, but it is absolutely nothing compared to what our NHS heroes and heroines are facing daily, along with many other key workers. So I just wanted to say a personal thank you to this mom, for looking after us, when really we should be looking after her- you made our day much ‘sweeter’ with those lovely pancakes. Be safe everyone and take care of each other 🙂