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w/e 13.03.20
w/e 13.03.20


June 03, 2020

In Pink Bubble (Nursery), we have had an exciting morning thinking about who we are thankful for. We talked about who was important to us and wrote thank you cards for them. We thought of our grown ups at home and the nurses who look after us. We read Zog by Julia Donaldson which talks about care jobs which lead us onto lots of different mini projects in class.

We also incorporated lots of areas of learning in our castle creations. We added lots of detail to the castle by using our own ideas such as windows, dragons, princess crown, plants up the walls and even a lake. We even had magic shows and tigers at one point! Our imaginations are endless!

Half Term Residential Experience (at home)

May 20, 2020

Hi everyone, with holidays cancelled and residential trips not going ahead, we have found a great resource for you to use over the holidays with your child. It is a safe and enjoyable way for children to enjoy the great outdoors (or indoors) and we really hope you enjoy using it together. In this activity, children can build a den or pitch a tent then enjoy a variety of activities just as if they were on a real residential trip. You can  do this inside or outside, with lots of fun for the whole family.

The attached timetable gives an example timetable for half term week as well as some great resources that can be used to support your half-term experience. Don’t forget, timings are flexible and you can follow the timetable to suit your family.

Happy residential everyone!!!! J 


April 22, 2020

Sing-Up are uploading a new song every week for the children to learn whilst being at home, along with lots of different fun singing activities.

Follow the link below to sign up for free! 



Getting Ready for Primary School

April 19, 2020

Good Morning Nursery! Your new learning activity is on our website.


Here is a very useful page for you to look at with your grown up, it's all about getting ready for school!


Lego Painting

March 25, 2020

What a great idea!  Who knew Lego could be used for painting?

Hope you enjoy.  

Mrs O'Sullivan and Miss Powell.

West Midlands Ambulance Service Visit

March 16, 2020

Last week, we were very lucky to have a visit from West Midlands Ambulance Service. We talked about how a paramedic helps lots of different people. We then looked at a special machine that measured Mrs O'Sullivan's heart rate and then we all got to have a look inside the ambulance. 


We tried out the stretcher (including Miss Powell) and even had a go in the drivers seat! Mrs Scott came to join us and got the very important job of turning on the lights and sirens. Thank you to Brendan and West Midlands Ambulance Service for our visit.  

Bilston Firefighters Visit

March 03, 2020

In Nursery this half term we are learning all about people who help us. To start our learning we had some very special visitors in Nursery yesterday. The firefighters from Bilston fire station came to see us in their fire engine! We had a wonderful time looking at the engine, trying on their uniform and we even got to spray water using the fireman's hose. We absolutely loved it!  We then looked at what characteristics a firefighter would need to have. We decided the best firefighters would be brave, helpful, kind and determined. Thank you to West Midlands Fire Service for allowing our visit to take place and to Bilston Fire Station  for coming to see us. 

Pancake Day

February 28, 2020

We have loved celebrating pancake day this week. 


We read Mr Wolf's pancakes and discovered that wolves not only liked to eat Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood, they also enjoy pancakes too! 


After our story we all got to try a delicious pancake with a choice of sugar and lemon or chocolate spread. 


As you can see, we enjoyed them as much as Mr Wolf! 

Hungry Little Minds

February 10, 2020

Children soak up every little bit of stimulation you give them. All the little things you do with your child – like everyday conversations, make-believe play and reading together – make a big difference to the development of their speech and understanding of words. Everyday moments can be used to boost your child’s learning, as they are interested in all sorts of things. The Hungry Little Minds campaign provides lots of simple tips and activities that you can slot into your routine and that children love. Such as: 

• Play ‘I spy’ on the bus with them and you can see their imaginations light up 

• Talk to your child about what has happened so far in the day – for example, “We went to the shops this morning, didn’t we? We bought some apples.” And talk about what is going to happen next – “After lunch we’ll do the washing up” 

• Look at picture books together. With each new page, give your child time to point out things to you and talk about what they can see.


Improving early communication, language and literacy development is a huge part of what we do here every day at Loxdale Primary School in both Nursery and Reception.  We are delighted to support the Hungry Little Minds campaign.  We would love it if you would join us. 

Search 'Hungry Little Minds' for lots more ideas and resources, including a list of approved educational apps.


Thank you. #hungrylittleminds @educationgovuk

We're going on a bear hunt

February 04, 2020

This week for National Storytelling Week, Nursery have read one of Mrs O'Sullivan's favourite stories 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We have read the story, learnt some actions and are now becoming fantastic storytellers. Here is a video for you to watch Micheal Rosen telling the story (nearly as well as we can!)

Self Potraits

January 20, 2020

This week as our Adult Led activity, we are becoming artists and painting our own self - portraits.  We had to look in a mirror and think carefully about what we could see, the shapes we would need and the colour paint we would choose. I think you will agree, we have some super artists amongst our Nursery. Can you guess who is who?

Jack and the Beanstalk

January 14, 2020

After watching the amazing Pantomime today, here is a link for the Jack and the Beanstalk story and songs for you to share at home. Thank you to all of our Afternoon Nursery parents for bringing their little ones to enjoy the show. Have fun!

Visit off an Elf!

December 09, 2019

We have had a visit off an Elf! Jingles set us a challenge to build him a house today.


We used recycled materials, glue, tape and sequins to make the perfect house for him. We demonstrated super perseverance and problem solving skills.


Our teachers were very impressed!

Lost and Found

November 25, 2019

Our story this week is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  Over the week we are going to decide how to help the penguin and the boy.  We will also be looking at the qualities of a good friend.

There is a link below for an online version of our story.  Enjoy! 

World Nursery Rhyme Week

November 17, 2019

Tomorrow we begin celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week.  Over the week we will be singing a Nursery Rhyme a day. 

Today we will start with Baa Baa Black Sheep

Tuesday we will be learning a brand new song - Down in the Jungle

Wednesday it is one of our favourite rhymes - Incy Wincy Spider

Thursday we sing an action rhyme - Row Row Row Your Boat

On Friday we finish with another new rhyme - 2 Little Dickie Birds

Exploring Colours

November 11, 2019

This week we have been exploring colour.  We looked at what happened when we mixed two colours together.  We painted one hand one colour, our other hand another colour and then rubbed our hands together.  I think you will agree, we are colour magicians!  

Diwali Celebrations

October 20, 2019

Today we have celebrated Diwali in Nursery.  We learnt all about the celebration of light and how Hindu’s celebrate this festival.  We had some traditional Indian food and also designed our own Mehndi hands.  To finish our celebrations we learnt some Bhangra moves and put them all together in our own dance! 

The Snail and the Whale

October 10, 2019

This week our story has been Julia Donaldson's 'The Snail and the Whale'.  Have a look at this song, see if you remember any of the parts from our story.  

Reading Website Links

October 08, 2019

There have been several parent reading meeting this week. Thank you for your support, the turnout was brilliant. As promised here is the link to the RWI Ruth MIskin Parent Support pages where you will find many helpful videos.


Ruth Miskin Parents’ Page: http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/
Ruth Miskin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miskin.education
Free e-books for home reading: http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/Reading/

Our First Weeks in Nursery

October 02, 2019

Click here to read about our first few weeks in Nursery class.

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