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Following on from feedback that we have received from parents/carers, we have reviewed our School Uniform Policy and implement the following changes to our school uniform policy:


·       There are now 2 suppliers of Loxdale School Uniform.  In addition to our current supplier on Bilston Market, we have introduced a new online school uniform supplier – School Bells Uniforms

·       We have introduced a termly swap-shop for second-hand school uniform

·       We have also made clear in our School Uniform policy how parents can discreetly request support with second-hand uniform

·       We have uploaded our reviewed School Uniform Policy to the school website.

School uniform can be purchased at Sandra's School Uniforms on Bilston Market and online at www.schoolbellsuniforms.co.uk

In addition, we will also be holding 3 School Uniform swap shops (one per term).   The first of these will take place on 21st July 2022 (last day of term) at 1:30pm.   For this week, we will declare the final week of the year as a Non-Uniform week and ask parents/carers to bring in donations of unwanted uniform (washed and ironed) on Monday 18th July.

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School Uniform