Here are our wonderful School Councillors, elected by their peers, they have a pivotal role at Loxdale and they represent the voice of the children and help to make sure all of our children are heard. Their roles involve encouraging children to contribute ideas to help to improve the school and to feel they can make a difference.


The School Councillors are elected each year and regular meetings are held to discuss ideas that can help develop the school.

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Twice a term, they alongside Mrs Morgan and Mrs Wright-Jones, meet and bring along suggestions that their fellow classmates have collected in their suggestion boxes; every year group have these boxes easily accessible in their classes.


Last year, School Councillors were successful in promoting our ‘No Smoking around Us’ campaign and discussed ideas for our new school and uniform.  Their term in office ended with a brilliant trip to the Mayor’s Parlour.


Let’s hope this year is just as, if not more successful!


It is beginning with shortlisting our entries for our new ‘Friends of Loxdale’ name and logo next week. 


Keep checking in for more exciting news from our councillors.

Competition Winners

December 17, 2019

These were our 4 lucky winners from our F.O.L renaming and logo competition.  Together their 4 ideas have now been combined and have come up with the fabulous name of P.A.W.S = Parents Active Within School, and a brand new logo. Congratulations to all four of you and have fun spending your Argos vouchers.

Please click here to view the winning logo.

Great Loxdale Bake Off

November 07, 2019

School Councillors met once again this week, they were discussing themes for our ‘Great Loxdale Bake off’. Also we talked about our forth-coming non-uniform days and when we are having them and what the children and staff would be asked to wear and what to donate for our Christmas fair!

In addition to this, we discussed when we are releasing the winners for the naming and logo of the old Friends of Loxdale Competition. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the winners!

Year 6 Elder Councillors.

Meeting with the school council

October 24, 2019

A little while ago I challenged the school to think of ways to reinvigorate our parent/teacher association, which for many years has been called Friends of Loxdale. Raising money for the benefit of children in school is really important and with a nice new school building it seemed a great opportunity to re-launch our fund raising. As such we decided to set a challenge to the children to create a new name and logo, which would hopefully encourage parents, families and friends to get involved.


Children across school entered the competition; entering either names, logos or both. The children on school council co-ordinated much of the work and spent time shortlisting the many entries. Mrs Scott and I were then invited to a meeting with the Year 5 and Year 6 school council members to choose a winner. It wasn’t easy and in the end we have chosen elements from several entries for the final design and each of the winning entries will get a prize.


So what have we chosen? Well you’ll just have to wait until after half-term to find out!!!


In the meantime I really need to thank the school council for their hard work in overseeing this process. The children were able to explain their thought process for shortlisting and their confidence in presenting ideas was very impressive indeed. It was great to be made to feel so welcome by school council and thank you for everything you have done.


Mr Hill

School Council: Logo Judging

October 24, 2019

Excitedly, this week, the School Council judged the ‘Friends of Loxdale’ logo entries and name competition. The School Council thought that the entries were all beautiful designs; some were chosen to be short-listed by School Council.

Mrs Scott and Mr Hill; Chair of Governors, will complete the final judging on Friday. School Council have really enjoyed judging the designs and name ideas, we still have more coming soon like the Loxdale’s Great Bake-off!

Yours Sincerely,

Year 4 Spruce Councillors.

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