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Parents Active Within School (PAWS) is a group of parents who volunteer their time to organise fundraising events to help purchase resources and other learning materials for the pupils of our school. In addition, we lead events throughout the year and support staff at numerous school events. We hope to make a more present role with the school this year and recruit more volunteers to enable PAWS to grow.


Please click on the documents below for more information.

Chair and Secretary

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Tiffany Johnson - Chair

Hi, my name is Tiffany. In the upcoming 2022/2023 school year I will have been part of the Loxdale Family for 6 years with my 3 children in Early Years, KS1 AND KS2. When I am not volunteering my time to PAWS, I run my own business, enjoy reading and playing netball in 2 local leagues.

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to be PAWS Chair. It is my responsibility to ensure that PAWS is run smoothly and fairly with the children always at the forefront of what we do. I will work closely with Loxdale staff and other Committee members to curate fun and exiting fundraisers and events. If you see me around school please do not hesitate to come up and say hello! I cannot wait to see more parents join PAWS and help make this next school year the best yet for our children.

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Holly Pyatt - Secretary

Hi! My name is Holly. I currently have two children at Loxdale Primary and a younger child, I am really proud to be part of the Loxdale family and what it represents. I decided I would like to become a member of PAWS through word of mouth and loved the idea of supporting School events and fundraising.

I have been given the exciting opportunity to take on the role as PAWS secretary, this role gives me the responsibility of ensuring effective communication between the committee members, volunteers for PAWS and the school.

Committee Members

The committee members support the Chair and Secretary in the decision making and running of PAWS. Each are invaluable when it comes to making PAWS what it is.

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Mrs Wright-Jones - School Representative

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Hannah Donnelly

Hello. I’m Hannah. Busy mom of 4, 3 of which attend Loxdale Primary School as of September 2022, two children in Key Stage 2 and starting Nursery September 2022. I became interested in PAWS as it gave me the opportunity to convey a parent’s point of view whilst achieving a sense of satisfaction helping at various school events.

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Samantha Fellows

Hi, I’m Sam. I am a working Mom of 3 who dedicates some of her spare time volunteering for PAWS. I find being part of PAWS so rewarding, seeing the children’s faces and interacting with them and being able to have an input on what is happening in with school. I have been part of the Loxdale family for seven years but currently have 3 children in the school, two in key stage 1 and one in key stage 2.

Non-Voting members

Mr Brooke - Treasurer

As a group of parents, we all have the best interests of our children and your children in our hearts, and we look forward to the next academic year.


We will be looking for volunteers to help, set up events and support at school events such as Christmas, Summer fair.


We ask anyone who would like to join the PAWS volunteers to email to confirm your interest in helping.


We look forward to welcoming new volunteers!


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