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Jr PCSO’s - Training Complete!

Our Jr PCSO’s have now completed their training!

This week we were privileged to have Inspector Monaghan join us to present our Jr PSCO’s with their completion certificates. The children worked incredibly hard during this 6-week programme with our Early Help Officer Claire and PCSO Jackson. We have affectionately referred to this as their ‘passing out parade’.

Each week they have looked at issues that affect our school and local community, coming up with ideas of how to tackle any issues such as dangerous parking outside of the school grounds and Anti-Social Behaviour within our neighborhood. Moving forward, the Jr PCSO role will be introduced to the rest of the school during assemblies and the team will meet with Miss Hanley and Mrs Allen each half term to devise actions and positive contributions.

Well done Loxdale Jr PCSO’s you have done yourselves and us proud!


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