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Our School Council Blog

In Year 6 Poplar our school councillors are Summer and Braiden. In Year 6 Elder our school councillors are Amelia and Oliver. However, the whole School Council is made up of representatives from Year 2 – Year 6.

When asked what being a class representative on the School Council meant to us, we said:

Mrs Wright-Jones and Mrs Patel support and facilitate the School Council meetings, Mrs Wright-Jones said, “I want to help the pupils hopes and dreams for Loxdale to come true.”

So far this year we have spoken to the Head of the Catering Service within Wolverhampton City Council and feedback to her on what we thought of the school meals. At the current moment, we are discussing ‘pupil voice after school clubs’ for the summer term. We currently have listened to the voice of the children in school and Mr Johnson is running a well-subscribed basketball club! We cannot wait to see what the classes decide upon for the summer term club!

In our next meeting we will be discussing Red Nose Day 2023 and fundraisers for the occasion.

Thank you for reading our post.

Y6 Councillors.


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