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Y4 Spruce - STEM Week

Year 4 Spruce have enjoyed being scientists during STEM week, we carried out a range of investigations, experiments and observations throughout the week. We watched a spectacular assembly workshop all about physics, chemistry and biology. There were some amazing science experiments that were carried out for the whole school to enjoy.

In class we learnt all about precipitation and we created our own water cycle wheel. We also explored the life of Brianna Green a biogeochemist; she studies the effects of climate change on biogeochemical processes.

We had the chance to incorporate music and science by investigating how sounds are made, associating them to vibration, we recognised that vibrations from sounds that travel through a medium to the ear.

Year 4 put their chefs hats and aprons on and cooked a cheese, leek and potato pie, this mouth watering pie was made by everyone in Year 4 Spruce. Some children said they wanted the recipe to give to their grown ups to cook and some even wanted it on the school lunch menu.

STEM week has been an absolute blast!


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