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w/e 15.11.19

Wizard Writer

November 14, 2019

Mehakpreet is our Wizard Writer of the week - for writing a super non-chronological report about Howard Carter!

Odd Socks Day

November 12, 2019

Year 3 Beech are raising their hands to change on Odd Socks Day! We loved listening to and joining in with the Odd Socks day song by Andy and the odd sock band.

Cultural Week: Benjamin Zephaniah

October 24, 2019

As part of Cultural Week, we have learned about the local, famous poet Benjamin Zephaniah. We have studied the poem ‘Everybody is doing it.’ We have then performed the poem for everyone to hear. We hope you enjoy it.

Hollie teaches column adiditiion

October 24, 2019

Hollie was our teacher today! She modelled the pictorial representation of solving a column addition calculation for Year 3. Well done! 

The Wizard has been again..

October 17, 2019

Well it’s Friday, and in Year 3 Beech that can only mean one thing… The Wizard has been again. Well done to Karanvir and Artjoms, who were given the magical writing capes and hats due to their fantastic writing today!

Creating Tutuankhamun Death Masks

October 13, 2019

Year 3 have worked hard, using collage techniques to create the iconic Tutankhamun death mask.  

Logan's Topic Power Project

October 13, 2019

WOW!!! A massive well done to Logan on the mask he has created at home, as part of his Topic Power Project. 

Year 3 Wizard Meeting

October 10, 2019

On Friday, the Wizard visited Year 3 Beech - he left the magic pencils for everyone to use, and the capes for 'magical writers.' 

Tutankhamun Masks

October 01, 2019

In year 3, this term’s topic is Ancient Egyptians. We have been using our creative art skills to create a mask of Tutankhamun.

Plant Parts

September 30, 2019

In Year 3 we have been learning about the parts of plants and their jobs. We dissected a plant to find all the different parts. Some of us even found an anther and a sepal.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

June 16, 2019

Year 3 have enjoyed their trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where they got to be contemporary art detectives.

World Book Day

March 19, 2019

Year 3 Beech celebrated World Book Day with a pirate theme. We designed our own bookmarks and shared our favourite books and authors with our shipmates.

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