Welcome to Year 4

Please download our targets and topic overviews to understand what we are learning about in Year 4.


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🔥Super Learner Alert🔥

June 11, 2020

Alivia has been working really hard throughout all of her time away from school. Not only has she being working on her learning and improving her knowledge, but she has also been having lots of fun learning other life skills! She has baked some super cookies using a secret code and most importantly we need to congratulate her on learning how to ride her bike


Well done Liv, as always, you are making me super proud! 

Keep being a SPRUCEr star, 

Miss Higginson.

Super Learning Alert 🔥

June 08, 2020

As we are family, Naomi, Imogen and Alivia have stayed in their bubble and all worked together on last weeks homeschooling!


They have worked hard on the smartest giant in town, completing a price list and adding figures together! They have written thank you letters, designed George a new scarf, and even created their own animal with a rhyming song to add into the story!


They also discussed how George felt helping the animals and how they could help one another! They have also been busy finishing their study project of the Egyptians, and for science have been discovering how different bacteria's and virus’ affect us and how we can prevent them! 

A super well done girls! 

Lots of Love, Miss Higginson and Miss Lally

Getting Creative

June 08, 2020

Anya, in Year 4 Spruce, really wanted a dog!


So here is her creative inspiration! I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece Anya!

Half Term

June 02, 2020

Keep smiling, keep having fun and keep being super stars!

Here's some pictures from Ellie, in Year 4 Spruce, enjoying the half term, getting creative and relaxing in her out of school bubble!


Lots of love,

Miss Higginson

Construction Alert

May 25, 2020

Ellie, in Year 4 Spruce, has constructed a tower bigger than her brother! Well done Ellie! Now, I challenge you to make a tower even bigger than you!


Good Luck, 

Miss Higginson.

Half Term Residential Experience (at home)

May 18, 2020

With holidays cancelled and residential trips not going ahead, this will provide a safe and enjoyable way for children to enjoy the great outdoors (or indoors). Children can build a den or pitch a tent then enjoy a variety of activities just as if they were on a residential trip. This can be inside or outside, by themselves or with family members.

The attached timetable gives an example itinerary for half term week as well as some resources that can be used to support the experience. Don’t forget, timings are flexible and the timetable does not have to be followed religiously.

🔥Super Learner Alert🔥

May 17, 2020

Liam, in Year 4 Spruce, has been working hard, going above and beyond with his home learning! 

He has spent today learning about opinions and facts on BBC Bitesize! I can't wait to hear about all the things you have learnt! 

Keep being super Liam!

Miss Higginson :)


May 13, 2020

As usual, Ellie, in Year 4 Spruce, has been blowing Miss Higginson away with all her hard work!

Ellie has been making sure she is checking the class handouts everyday and completing them to a super standard! 

Well done Ellie, I'm really proud!

Science Experiment

May 11, 2020

Whitney, in Year 4 Spruce has been working with Samantha to explore science with coca-cola! Have a look at their super experiment below! 

Well done girls - I'm sure you'll inspire others to have a go at this fun experiment too!

Miss Higginson.

🔥Super Spooky Story🔥

May 10, 2020

Another fantastic story from a Year 4 SPRUCErstar - Whitney!

This is Whitney's second story and it's fantastic to see she's being using all of the stories available to help her create another fabulous, spooktacular adventure! I LOVED reading this Whitney and I'm sure everybody else will too! Well done! Also, another super example of all of the skills we have been practising during our time away from school - I'm very proud.

Miss Higginson.

Children's Work

May 10, 2020

It has been great to hear from Robbie, in Year 4 Spruce, and be able to see what he has been up to! It's lovely to see how creative you have been Robbie - well done!

Miss Higginson.

🙏Marking VE Day🙏

May 10, 2020

Alivia, Imogen and Harry have been working hard ready to celebrate VE Day. They have created lots of lovely decorations to mark the occasion and prepare for their social distancing street party! It sounds super fun and I hope you've enjoyed yourselves!

Miss Higginson :)

😃VE Day Fun😃

May 10, 2020

As you can see, Ria, in Year 4 Spruce, has been having lots of fun in an effort to mark VE Day with her brother! What a fun and food filled day you've had Ria (with some super art work too). Well done Ria - what a lovely way to celebrate!

❤️Nature Nurturer❤️

May 06, 2020

Anya, in Year 4 Spruce, as well as using her mathematician skills to crack algebra (wow), has been sawing, hammering and painting to create this beautiful bird house. Well done Anya, this is fabulous I can't wait to hear about all of your garden visitors - I really hope you get a visit from that robin!

Miss Higginson :) 

🔥Super Scientist🔥

May 05, 2020

Ellie, in Year 4 Spruce, has completed the science experiment for one of our daily Year 4 Tasks! 

Well done Ellie, you are a SPRUCEr scientist!

Year 4 SPRUCErstars!😃

May 05, 2020

Here's a little reminder of how amazing you ALL are and that when life knocks you over - GET BACK UP AGAIN - you're doing great!

Mrs Allen and me loved being able to hear from some of you today - it's great to know you're all doing well!

👍Getting Creative👍

May 05, 2020

Alivia, in Year 4 Spruce, Imogen, in Year 1 Elm and Harry in Nursery have been busy making their own wooden long boats and painting them to their own design. When they are dry they are going to have a boat race (how exciting)!  They have also been working hard learning about the plant life cycle, so today, they have planted sunflower seeds, pea seeds and cress seeds and they are going to see how long they take to grow and write up and draw their findings! I cannot wait to see your results - what a fabulous learning idea!

They are also very lucky because on top of that, the baby geese on the canal have been for a visit so they have been able to see them too! You have had a very busy day!

Thanks for your super updates, you superstars!❤️

Miss Higginson :) 

🔥Super Learner Alert🔥

May 04, 2020

Amelia, in Year 4 Spruce, has been working hard and playing hard in lockdown! Not only has she blown me away with all her excellent work (maths, literacy and much more), but she has also been having lots of swimming pool fun in the garden!


A super well done for all of your hard work Amelia - it's great to know you're working hard and doing lots of super learning! Amelia has also been watching ALL of the Harry Potter moves (in order) - I love them too! Looking forward to hearing all about the rest of your fun when you return!


Miss Higginson :) 

🔥Super Story Alert🔥

May 04, 2020

Another super story by a Year 4 Sprucerstar! 


A huge well done to our author - Alivia Pugh in Year 4 Spruce.


I'm really proud to see you using our words of the week in your writing and lots of our favourite forest personification! This story is super eerie - Miss Higginson's favourite sort of spooky story! Well done for working so hard on your speech too - some amazing speech verbs! 


Thank you so much for this story Liv! 


I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as me!

🔥Super Learners Alert🔥

May 04, 2020

Alivia, in Year 4 Spruce, Imogen, in Year 1 Elm and Harry, in Nursery,have been working as a team to collect research for their History Project. They have chosen the Vikings and the Egyptians as their focus! It's super to see you all working together and supporting each other's learning whilst out of school! Well done to all three of you for being such super stars! I can't wait to see how your project develops and find out about the exciting historical eras!


A super well done, stay safe, Miss Higginson :) 

🔥Super Learner Alert🔥

May 04, 2020

Ria, in Year 4 Spruce, has been working so hard at home that I just had to share it with you all!

She has even created her own learning schedule to keep her mind active and learning - well done Ria!

Here's some of her hard work below - even some super flash back 4 work that you can access on the class handouts that I have been uploading!


(We work hard in Year 4 Spruce to be able to explain our mathematical thinking - and I'm impressed to see that Ria is using that same approach at home)


I'm really proud Ria!

🔥Get your super story here🔥

May 04, 2020

Attached, is an amazing story by Whitney in Year 4 Spruce, this was part of her literacy 4 week learning journey and I'm blown away! Whitney has worked really hard to use all the skills she has been practising to improve her story writing - and it shows! Fantastic use of speech verbs and phrases Whitney! 
I hope everybody enjoys reading Whitney's exciting story as much as I have!