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Virtual Dodgeball Competition

📢Calling all Loxdale Primary children and families! We are taking part in a 'Virtual Dodgeball Competition' against all the other schools within Wolverhampton. This is a chance for you to get the highest score possible from home to be in with a chance of being crowned 'The Best Dodgeballer in Wolverhampton'. Not only is it a competition against other schools, but a competition against your classmates and other children at Loxdale to see who is the best! 🏆🥇

Here's how you can take part in challenges at home🏡: (Please see the competition rule sheet for all the information on how to score the points)

⭐Challenge 1: Use a rolled-up sock instead of a ball and empty plastic bottles/paper cups as the targets.

Using a clear safe space- Stand the bottles/paper cups up, take 3 large steps backwards. See how long it takes to knock the targets down using the socks. *Make sure there isn't anything breakable behind the targets*.

⭐⭐Challenge 2: In your safe clear space- Use empty plastic bottles/paper cups, place them 1metre apart, take 3 large steps back. See how many times you can throw the sock between the cones in 30 seconds (safely retrieve the sock after each throw, repeat until the time is up)

Good Luck Everyone!!

Virtual School Games Primary & Secondary
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